My Month-Long Visit To Lazytown

So…after a few short months of blogging, I’m already one of those “Sorry-I’ve-been-so-MIA-lately” bloggers.

That’s annoying. Sorry about that.

But seriously – nobody wants to hear my lame apology. Let’s just move forward, okay?

As it turns out, blogging on a regular basis is hard work. This is not new information by any means – I’m sure every blogger on the planet has said the same thing – I’m just discovering it first hand right now. Luckily for me: a) my sister is the only person that noticed I was MIA, and b) my hiatus has given me the space to get excited about this all over again.

On my original goal list, I aimed to blog four times per week between September and December of 2015. I didn’t realize at the time how unrealistic ambitious that goal was for me. Sure, I could easily throw some crap up here a few times a week and call it good, but I’ve always believed in quality over quantity.

[Side note: By no means am I saying my posts are high quality here. But you should see my drafts folder  – it could be a lot worse.]

Looking ahead, I would like to post 1-3 times per week consistently throughout 2016. I am hopeful that number will increase over time, but for now, I need to be realistic about how blogging fits into my life.

Okay, now I sound all “Woe-is-me-I-don’t-have-time-to-blog” which is not the purpose of this post! The purpose is to hold myself accountable by revealing the cold, hard truth: I had time to blog this month, I just decided to be lazy instead.  


You know those days when all you want to do is lay on the couch, binge-watch Netflix, and eat Cheetos? That was pretty much the entire month of December for me. I would like to blame my bad behavior on seasonal depression/winter blues, but that’s not a viable (lame) excuse since it was uncharacteristically warm until a couple days ago. (True story: I drove with my windows down on December 26th!)

The reality is, when I had free time, I chose to be lazy rather than productive about 90% of the time:

  • I watched too many episodes of Parenthood. (Season 6 is coming to Netflix on December 30th! God help me.)
  • I stayed up late on work nights for no good reason and derailed my plan to become a morning person.
  • I exercised half-heartedly and inconsistently.
  • I spent an embarrassing amount of time mindlessly surfing the internet.
  • I stopped listening to podcasts that inspire me to hustle.
  • I chose processed garbage over real food on numerous occasions.
  • I gave in to my excuses.
  • I didn’t stay inspired.

To be clear, I fight battles like this on an almost daily basis – I think most people do. But usually I can kick my tush into gear after a day or two and get back on track. This particular “funk” has lasted much longer than usual, and as I said earlier, I have failed to pinpoint the reason behind it.

Regardless, I’m over it. It’s time to leave Lazytown and get excited about chasing my goals again. I’ve got big plans for 2016!


On a different note, I hate to paint December in such a negative light. All personal struggles aside, it was actually pretty awesome! Here are some highlights:

  • I took a major step forward in my career.
  • I went to my niece’s first birthday party.
  • I stayed within my budget and didn’t run up my credit card (a first for me during the holidays).
  • I went to Chicago and ate the most amazing Italian food.
  • I got an electric blanket from my husband and daughter.
  • I partied with my one-year-old nephew until after midnight, and he was all smiles the entire time.
  • I got to see one of my best friends from college (that lives 2000 miles away from me).
  • I spent quality time on my parents’ treadmill, which I absolutely love.
  • I caught up on my favorite reality TV shows.
  • Christmas and all its goodness: spending time with family, eating too much good food, decorating  the tree, wrapping presents, watching movies, and catching up on sleep.
  • I got to spend time with the best kids on the planet – my niece, nephews, and daughter.
My awesome nephew

My awesome nephew

And hey – there are still two days left! (Which may or may not be filled with lots of Parenthood…)

What awesome things happened to you this month?

How do you overcome the inevitable bouts of laziness and procrastination?

What small step did you take today to reach one of your goals?

I jumped back on the blogging train!




  1. I’ve had a few funks like this myself, and I find especially in the fall/early winter it hits the most. I completely understand!

    • Hi Lisa,

      Yes! There’s just something about the cold weather setting in that makes me want to hibernate and be lazy for a bit. Glad I’m not the only one who experiences this. Thanks for stopping by to leave a comment.

  2. Welcome back. I believe in rest. We need breaks. Even from our passions. Breaks from running make me a better runner, even breaks from my kids – which sound horrible to me, I’m obsessed with them – make me a better mom. Blogging is time-consuming, don’t sweat it, you have a lot on your plate and you need to do you.

    • Hi Lucky,

      Thanks for the words of encouragement. I totally agree with you on all fronts! Absence makes the heart grow fonder, right? : )

      I appreciate you stopping by and taking the time to leave a comment! Happy New Year!

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