My Goals

Here is a list of my current goals. I’m either actively working on these now or plan to begin within the next year. While I have much bigger aspirations for the future, I believe these are realistic for me to pursue at this point in my life.



  • Become financially independent by age 45
  • Deposit at least $650 per month in a brokerage account for the remainder of 2015
  • Pay at least $56 extra towards student loans each month without adjusting my budget
  • Pay cash for all regular expenses for the remainder of 2015


  • Blog at least 4 days per week for the remainder of 2015
  • Make $100 in one month from online income by March 2016

Confession: I’m figuring things out as I go, and have no idea what I’m doing on some of these. This list will definitely evolve over time as I improve my strategies and learn how to work smarter.