Goal – Complete P90X

Well, I’ve decided I’m finally going to try conquer P90X. It has been on my list of fitness goals for quite awhile, but I’ve been too much of a pansy to give it a fair shot. With no races to train for and a body that’s screaming at me to take a break from running, I’m all out of excuses.

As usual, I’m late to the party here. I think the program came out in 2003, and my husband received it as a Christmas gift in 2008. That means the DVDs have been gathering dust in our basement for almost seven years. I’ve half-heartedly attempted it a few times. Here is my usual progression and thought process:

Day 1 (Chest & Back + Ab Ripper)

Me: “I hate push-ups more than anything in this world. Do they actually expect me to pull myself up while hanging from a bar? Nope, not happening. Ab Ripper – you suck.”

I hate every second, but I suffer through it. It’s only day one, after all.

Day 2 (Plyometrics)

Me: “Squat – jump – repeat 7,000 times. Ugh. Ouch. This is awful.”

I am a cardio junkie, so I power through it while modifying many moves. It’s a great workout, but I’d rather be running.

Day 3 (Shoulders & Arms + Ab Ripper)

Me: “Okay, I can do this. This is one of the ‘easier’ workouts.”

[Side note: none of the workouts are easy, but I didn’t have weights heavy enough for some of the moves. That resulted in some serious slacking on my part.]

Ab Ripper still sucks, and is somehow harder than it was on Day 1.

Day 4 (Yoga)

Me: “Do I really need to do yoga? It’s 92 minutes long! Yeah, I’m definitely going to procrastinate on this until later in the week. I’ll just skip ahead to the next workout.”

Day 4 (Legs & Back + Ab Ripper)

Me: “Dear God, what have I gotten myself into? THIS IS PURE TORTURE! $%^&!!!!”

This is the worst workout of my life. Ab Ripper still sucks, and there’s no way it’s happening today.

This is usually followed by three days of extreme soreness and funny walking. I try to talk myself into yoga (which I will no doubt hate) but cannot. I try to talk myself into a slow run, but since it hurts to walk to the bathroom, I decide against it. I take a little time off and vow to do two-a-days on Saturday and Sunday to make up.

Yeah, that never happens…

After two days of rest, I quit and go back to my comfort zone (running). P90X starts collecting dust again in the basement.


This cycle has happened three times in recent memory. P90X is no joke – it’s hard and time-consuming and makes me want to throw a brick at my TV. I really hate it.

But this attempt feels different to me. I’m almost through my first full week of workouts, and that’s farther than I’ve ever gotten before. I even did yoga today, and liked it!  Oh, and I made this awesome calendar to keep me on track and motivated (checking off my workouts makes me happy):

Please don't make fun of my artwork.

My artwork

[Side notes:

#1: I started P90X about two months prior to launching this blog.

#2: I still want to do some running, so I may substitute it for the cardio workouts now and then. Based on what I’ve read, that shouldn’t really affect the outcome for me.]

This whole program really terrifies me, but I’m ready for the challenge. Every workout I complete gives me more confidence. I can’t wait to put in the hard work and get results!

Has anyone else completed P90X? How was your experience?

What small step did you take today to reach one of your goals?

I did P90X Yoga!



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