Documenting My Small Steps

The whole premise behind this blog is to use myself as a guinea pig to prove that (almost) anything is attainable when broken down into small, manageable steps. My original vision was to lay out my goals and then document each daily step I was taking to reach one of them.

Let’s be real – 2015 was a huge failure as far as that’s concerned. Sure, I took a bunch of small steps toward goals, but I didn’t document them in a meaningful way. And on the days I was too (tired / lazy / lame / cranky / etc.) to work on my goals? I let myself off the hook altogether, reasoning that my small steps only needed to be accounted for when I posted a couple times a week. Not cool.

Clearly this needs to change.

My plan moving forward is to actually do what I intended from the beginning by tracking my small daily steps on this page. No more letting myself off the hook when the couch is calling my name (at least not without holding myself publicly accountable!). It’s time to get to work.

Not me

Not me


(Please follow this link to see the most updated version of this list.)

January 30 – I paid $50 extra toward my student loans.

January 29 – I invested $575 in VOO.

January 28 – I did 6 mile repeats (8:34 pace) in preparation for my marathon.

January 27 – I made my career change official. (This change will allow me to pursue my personal goals at a much faster pace.)

January 26 – I ran 5 easy miles in preparation for my marathon.

January 25 – I paid $100 extra toward my student loans.

January 24 – ?

January 23 – I squeezed my workout in by running at midnight!

January 22 – ? <——- Ashamed face (no step forward today).

January 21 – I woke up early to run before work.

January 20 – I made time to do some blog writing during my lunch break.

January 19 – I invested $500 in VDE (Vanguard Energy ETF).

January 18 – I woke up early to exercise before work (and meditated, made green juice, and generally had an awesome morning).

January 17 – I ran six miles at a 9:10 pace in preparation for marathon training.

January 16 – I spent time working on the back-end of my blog (fixing links, etc.).

January 15 – I paid $25 extra toward my student loans.

January 14 – I drafted future blog posts.

January 13 – I got off my tush and went for a run when I reeeeeeally didn’t feel like it.

January 12 – I woke up early to run before work! (I also meditated, made green juice, and did a little blog work.)

January 11 – I researched and printed my marathon training plan.

January 10 – I opened a new bank account to better facilitate my financial goals.

January 9 – I registered for a marathon in May.

January 8 – I made a huge change at work that will positively affect my personal life.

January 7 – I invested in VOO (Vanguard S&P 500 ETF).

January 6 – I researched index funds/ETFs to add to my portfolio.

January 5 – I came up with a potential business idea.

January 4 – I fleshed out a 2016 budget to help me stay on track throughout the year.

January 3 – I created a quiet workspace in my house.

January 2 – I made the decision to switch my investing strategy.

January 1 – I paid $35 extra toward my student loans.






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