About Me

Welcome to The Sum Of Small Steps! My name is Charlene, and I’m just an average girl with larger-than-life dreams. If you stick around (and I hope you do), you’ll find that I love to write lists. I might as well begin with a couple that tell you a little about me:

What I Am…

  • A 30-something wife and mom
  • A teacher
  • A stubborn control freak with workaholic tendencies
  • A fitness and nutrition enthusiast (most of the time, anyway)
  • A relatively slow long-distance runner and treadmill junkie
  • A vegetarian with a mean sweet tooth
  • Someone who loves to spend all day in the kitchen but hates being obligated to cook dinner every night
  • Obsessed with all personal finance topics
  • Exceptionally curious about the most random things
  • An amateur investor and huge fan of Warren Buffet
  • Someone who believes the best days are yet to come

What I’m Not…

  • An expert on anything
  • Someone who enjoys cold weather
  • A natural athlete
  • A fan of dieting
  • A multi-tasker
  • An extrovert
  • A morning person
  • A believer in mediocrity
  • Content staying in the same place in life

I’m starting this blog first and foremost as a tool to hold myself accountable to my goals. This is a scary thing for me – I’m not big on public declarations, and I definitely don’t like to make myself vulnerable.  But at the end of the day, I don’t want to be stifled by my fears; I want to be led by my dreams.

My goals will seem very random at times, and that’s the way I like it. I currently hate running, despite my total obsession with it for the last four years. That’s okay with me – I know I’ll come back around to it at some point. In the mean time, I am caught in a love/hate relationship with P90X, and am spending more time reading about personal finance and investing than logging miles.

I don’t ever want to become complacent about my life – I think that’s very easy for people do once they settle into professional and personal routines. I believe we’re all capable of getting what we want when we let go of excuses and become proactive about taking small, consistent steps to get there. My objective here is to document at least one step every day that I take to better my life and move toward my goals.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions, concerns, jokes, or random musings. (I love them all.) I hope you will stay a while and possibly get inspired to take the next small step forward in your life.